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"How Support Management Can Improve Productivity and Profitability at a cost that is less than the cost of taking a coffee break...NOW!"


A Support Methodology that does not require you to pay large sums of dollars, With Best Methods Recommendations, "CMMSworks."
A solution second to none!


A Business Support Program Designed To Be Your Best Answer in the 21st century!" "Basicnomics." An economical solution for "Maintenance Protection Services" at the low cost of $87 per week.

Economic downturn has created difficulties for many support maintenance operations." A short term, maybe long term, is to contract for 'Off-Site' data management for work orders. "Betternomics" A solution for less than what you can hire someone for.

Dear Support Manager,

Hello, my name is Patrick Tarzian. Am I crazy to give you our proven "Software By The Sea" software applicatons for your operation. . . and do it all for $87 per week? I have spent the last 40 years working as an independent business man developing technology for customers that are responsible for asset, work flow, personnel, and contract management for different companies with annual revenues ranging from $500 thousand to $500 million a year.

Plus, if you qualify, you pay nothing for the product for 90 days and I promise that you will see a marked difference in your ability to manage your support unit. Equally, you will be able to see where the worked hours are going, what your cost versus time ratio is for both vendors and employees, you will be able to get a handle on productivity and improve it tremendously, and most importantly, you will be able to make judicious decisions on equipment, systems, employees, and vendors so that you can improve your profitability. Yes! The money that your company spends to keep the business running. And, most importantly, the funds available to keep your staff employed. It can be really UGLY. That is what we call GRC. Governance, Risk and Compliance reporting to top management to help with decision making issues.

This May Sound Crazy But. . . I am making a calculated business decision. It will be a GREAT opportunity for you, if you can act now while this offer is being made your hat will shine. In other words, we want you to wear a white hat in your business as a business support manager. And it will help your staff as well. The old cliché that "attitude is the fiber of good performance" is as important today as it has been since the abolishment of slavery. Give your workers something to look at to show what they have done over time and what they are charged with in the future, and you will increase your productivity ten fold. As a manager, you know that you need to "Tell'em what your goin to tell'em, tell'em, and tell'em what you told'em."

What's It All About? Just this. I have always tried to run a pretty tight ship shape business. I measure everthing daily to see how we're doing. I weigh advertising costs compared to results. I track how fast we can close our business deals. I even know how fast we have to answer technical support on the telephone to meet the needs of our customers. I contract with the best development engineers to make sure I get exactly what I need to develop software. And finally, I try to predict what will happen down stream when the economy takes a turn for the worst. Why? Because the economy is an extremely good measuring tool for business just as cost versus time ratios, mean time analysis, productivity, profitability, etc. are for your support maintenance business. You have to have a measuring stick to find out what direction to take. Otherwise, you will fall into "Alice In Wonderland" story. What did "Alice" ask the "Chesire Cat" after she lost the "Mad Hatter?" And, why did they call the March Hare's friend a "Mad Hatter?"

Here's The Plan. We have our "Computerized Maintenance Management System" (CMMS), "Customer Resource Management" (CRM), Biomedical/Clinical Support System (BCSS), "Help Desk" (HD), Hotel/Resort Maintenance Management System (HRMM), and "Facility Maintenance Management" (FMM) available for deployment RIGHT NOW! Our software licensing allows us to offer this to you NOW! So, here's the offer. . . we will send a complete application that includes over 500 proceedures for planned, performance and preventive maintenance, a complete set of business rules that you can modify to make our "Software By The Sea" tailored to your business methodologies, a complete set of equipment, asset and planned maintenance records so that all you have to do is hold down two keys and your own personal maintenance records are created while you watch. Yes, if you have never used a CMMS software program before, bingo, you will not have to enter the data, just hold down two keys and each of your equipment, asset, planned maintenance records will be created. On the other hand, if you already have some kind of program that you are not satisifed with, then send us a standard columnar data text file and we will import the data into your system. Based on the content and magnitude, there may be some minor costs. This way, you will be ready to print any kind of work order in less than a day! If $87 a week is toooo much, call us. We have other plans that can accommodate your budget.

Act Now and Save. So if you are a wise business manager. . . And if you're not using a CMMS, CRM, HELP DESK, or a FMM, or if you have one that is not working. . . Pick up the phone and CALL NOW . . . you could get our "Software By The Sea" software program series immediately and start working on "Cost Containment" and "Maintenance Avoidance." If you put this off, you might regret it down stream when top management starts demanding supporting documents that justify the vendor contracts, the number of full time equivalent (FTE) employees in your operation, and many other figures that would take a considerable amount of time without our "Software By The Sea" software program series. Don't let someone else keep you from this opportunity. Pick up the telephone and take advantage of this offer while helping our company at the same time create new features and benefits for you and other customers.

Thank you in advance, for giving me the chance to serve you. We really want to earn your business. You get a great investment. And we'll keep our company available at all times for you, and it will all even out. Hurry!!! Don't miss this unique opportunity. This is the first time this has been offered since our first program in 1979.

Call now for our free survey of your operation. Typically we charge $3,900 for our "Maintenance Evaluation Program." This is a 1,000 point system to evaluate how well you are doing as a maintenance support operation. All immediate orders receive the "Maintenance Evaluation Program" at no charge.

Through my unusually broad executive management and development experience, I have found that there has been ONLY ONE consistent variable that has made companies succeed or fail.

That one factor was the company's commitment level to a planned integrated company-wide program for support management.

Although, many firms say they do not need an integrated company-wide program for support management, what I have discovered, is that most times it is just a verbal commitment to a concept with an understood expectation that it is the maintenance department's responsibility only.

Through my own personal experiences of financial, support, and maintenance strategy departments for different firms, I have discovered that for a company to maximize their profits corporate-wide using practices of "cost containment" and "maintenance avoidance" strategies, it requires a team approach.

But, during my executive management tenures, I personally witnessed that many times the integrated support team that should be responsible for company-wide maintenance and sometimes even the CEO, did not understand each other's business job's functions or responsibilities and how they should integrate together as a power support team to increase productivity and profitability.

So by default, the departments just ended up acting as independent silos even when they were trying to be team players!

Has...this ever happened to you? worked in a company like this?

Having held the Support, Maintenance, Projects and Strategy executive positions separately, at different times in my career, has given me the background to understand the interdepartmental nuances needed to make them operate seamlessly as a coordinated power "cost containment" and "maintenance avoidance" program. In the beginning, my audited saving in the first year of operations using a calculator and typewriter, we had audited saving starting at $105,000 per year and ending up in the late 70's with audited savings greater than $650,000 per year. That was a whole big number in the seventies.

So - based on these experiences and frustrations. . . We created this new CMMS program called the "Software By The Sea" which is a "Maintenance and Support Strategy Development For Business Support Managers - The Practice of Keeping It Simple", to help business support managers like you who are interested in "cost containment" and "maintenance avoidance" to increase productivity and profitability through a simple customer support and maintenance approach.

Remember, when the support maintenance day is done:

· Your Maintenance Management is not profits.

· Your Talking is not profits.

· Support is not profits.

· Strategy is not profits.

· Reporting is not profits.

· Profits are profits.

Through our program the "Maintenance and Support Strategy Development For Business Support Managers - The Practice of Keeping It Simple", you will find tested methods to survey, manage, report and recommend various business changes regarding any vendor, asset, equipment, trade, crew, or individual. Then, you will discover how to turn the simple elements of a survey into a cost containment and maintenance avoidance practice (financial, support, and maintenance strategy) into a powerful profit stream for you and your team (REMEMBER --- YOUR TEAM.)

This business support plan is for support managers who are serious about growing their "Support Maintenance Entity!" teams to top profitablity, today! Not tomorrow or next year, or when you think you will get around to it.

The "Software By The Sea" is a very simple program for all support maintenance operations seeking to increase their existing productivity and profitability operations.

In the support maintenance economy, the "cost containment" and "maintenance avoidance" strategy is the foundation for every support manager's growth and continued business success. From funeral homes to theme parks, and from retail stores to insurance companies, manufacturers to services centers, medical centers to hospitals, aircraft to buses, opportunity utilization is the consistent element for support business success and increased productivity and profitability.

Due to the deflation, which is apparent today in this economy and continued layoffs in the millions, and weekly unemployment checks over 6 million before the close of 2003, stock market at an all time low since 1929, every market is critical.

When a support business opportunity is correctly launched, your productivity and profitability rise. When incorrectly deployed, you will fail. During the Internet gold rush from 1997 through 2000, many firms by-passed traditional business development and deployment theorems and instead focused on business hype and invalidated public relations.

Yet, even now the term support business opportunity in today's economy has evolved. Years ago, support business opportunity was a term loosely used to discuss a maintenance operation. Five to ten years ago, mission control meant having strategic and business partners who operated the entire support business maintenance operation for a contracted fixed and added price.

But in today's economy, the term business support opportunity has evolved into a more complex and detailed collaborative approach combining the four business pillars of support, maintenance, strategic vendor alliances and inter-department business strategy into a premeditated business support program to manage "cost containment" and "maintenance avoidance" practices to increase productivity and profitability. GRC, governance, risk, and compliance are the keys for todays success and tomorrow.

So, if you are not committed to top-notch business support opportunity growth through a premeditated plan, or if you believe that Support, Maintenance, Projects and Strategy alliances with departments need to be separated business silos,

...then our "Software By The Sea" program series is NOT FOR YOU.

In fact, this "Software By The Sea" program series may be TOO HONEST for some business support managers who read it. We hold no punches, when we analyze the current state of the economy, we need to know that each team members practices are the same, otherwise you will NOT increase productivity and profitbility.

Moreover, those entities that are termed as support maintenance that do not want to know what their true costs are.

...this "Software By The Sea" program series is NOT FOR YOU.

Although, you may not have any support maintenance clerical personnel, then you can elect to contract with us for "Off-Site" data management.

YES! "Off-Site" data management that processes all of your work orders while you still do all the support maintenance work is an option you may want to consider. You see all you have to do is complete the paper work we send you, send it back to us, then we process the work completed, document it in our "Software By The Sea" software program series for your account, send the NEXT DUE "Planned Work Orders" back to you along with the reports for "Daily Maintenance", "Productivity", "Schedule Due", "Cost versus Time Ratio", "Mean Time Analysis", "Inventory Acquisition Value", and other reports that will help you in your business of support maintenance.

...if this "Off-Site" Data Management seems to be a viable option for you, then "Click Here!"

Keep in mind, "Off-Site" Data Management can be your best option when you do not have clerical support in your business. You would not assign a professional trades person working at the rate of say $20-$50 an hour to sit down at a computer and perform data entry. Then the option for you will be "Off-Site" Data Management. Most accounts can have their data processed for as low as $89 per month. While some other clients that have a few thousand work orders per month is only $890 per month. You cannot hire anyone for this price on a monthly basis to do work order management and get it monthly without fail. We call this in our business as "Betternomics." A way to do continued business without the need to have a computer. Yes, that is correct. You will not need a computer. Just do the maintenance work.

. . .this option may be for you."Click Here!" to order now to start your business of "Betternomics!" An "Off-Site" Data Management solution for support operations that do not have clerical support.

Now getting back to your "Support Maintenance Business", an application for "Software By The Sea" for $87 per week.

Through this "Software By The Sea" program series, we deploy the four pillars of modern business support opportunity development management. The variables of support, maintenance, projects, strategic alliances and management are discussed and dissected. Through this program, we will help you explore their usage and discern their strategic and tactical deployment of each phase as an individual element with some of their best practices.

Then, we will discuss and layout roadmaps on the methods to combine these four elements into ONE integrated program to help you and your team increase productivity and profitability as a team!

Are you ready to increase business productivity and profitability in this economy?"Click Here!"

Through our Business Support Opportunity For Managers, you will learn:

· Why most business support managers fail and never get their teams working together;

· How to use your center of influence and our methods to find and complete planned work;

· How to seek out team members that will succeed and fits with your business model needs;

· How to turn workers into successful productive and profitable team members;

· How to use strategic partners to practice cost containment, not blanket purchase orders;

· What are the best business support practices for working with companies;

· Support business questions and answers to evaluate your prospective vendors and their businesses;

· Why your current methodology leads to dysfunctional business decisions and how to adjust your structure;

· How to setup and implement a simple maintenance survey scorecard to monitor your business performance to generate increased productivity and profitability;

· A thirty-day launch plan using the methods taught with our "Software By The Sea" programs;

· The most important steps needed to integrate the entire team into a Support Business Opportunity Program; and

· Ways to evaluate and improve your strategic support business operations decisions.

The Key in The Support Business Opportunity Is NOT First To Repair, But Smart To Repair First!

The cliche for this is "The Wars Of Colonial Expansion, first smart man in to get the JOB done effectively, gets the money!!!

Are you ready to dramatically increase your productivity and profitability?

"Click Here!"

Maybe you have no interest what so ever to take advantage of this offer of $87 per week because you are more inclined to do it yourself. And, you have been trying for years to develop a "CMMS" program and have never finished it completely. Sound familiar! Maybe it does. If this is the case, then lets discuss how you can have a completely "Code Free" software application that has a "table driven" methodology where you can create client/server software applications without writing one line of convention structured software code. That is correct. CODE FREE. NO CODE. "CODE AVOIDANCE TECHNOLOGY"."Omeganomics!"

Think about it. A methodology, that is a paradigm shift from the standard methods of developing software code. Need more information. "Click Here!"

Don't"Click Here!"if you do not want to have control of your own "Software By The Sea" software programs. Because, this may not be for you.

"Click Here!" if you have interest in increasing your own productivity and profitability in the area of software development and deployment. Remember, this is only for those that want to develop their own software program.

Now, back to the basics, which is just some of the information and concepts you get with this new product for "Support Business For Managers."

A little secret; if you and your team members trained one (1) person a week to increase their productivity each week, and each of those team members trained another team member, then at the end of three months there would not be any people left in your operation to train! Wow, what does that tell you?

Can't wait? Click Here Now to Order

Act Quickly And Get This FREE Bonus Worth $3,900.00.

Order the "Software By The Sea" a computerized maintenance management system NOW!, and we will also give you, absolutely FREE, a program to evaluate your support maintenance operation. Click Here Now to Order

For less than $87 a week, you can now increase your productivity and profitability within one month! The longer you wait, the more time you could be loosing. Remember, time is money. Your companies money and yours.

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Not only that, you do not have to read the manuals. Just follow our plan and prove to yourself that it's easily worth many times our price for $87 per week.

So don't hesitate! wait? Click Here Now to Order and get ready to start practicing "cost containment" and "maintenance avoidance" to increase productivity and profitability.

Or call toll-free 800.477.2334 and ask for the "Support Businesss Opportunity Management" program.

In summary, we are talking about three different options for "Support Business Maintenance Management."

1. "Betternomics", an option for your company to get all the work order processes done with "Off-Site" data management.

2. "Basicnomics", an option for you to immediately start improving you productivity and profitability for $87 per week.

3. "Omeganomics", you answer to development and deployment of a "Software By The Sea" software programs without having to write any conventional structured software code. CODE FREE.

Click Here Now to Get Started Right Now!

I look forward to working with you.

Protege Always,

Patrick Tarzian

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